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I was referred to Environ Pest Control by an acquaintance in the rental industry to treat bedbugs at an apartment building that I own after months of spraying, without successfully eliminating the bedbugs by another pest company. Environ heat treated the entire building and the bedbugs have finally been eliminated. Everyone with Environ was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.
— KS
have used Environ Pest Elimination to treat my own properties and my client’s properties for over a decade for everything from bed bugs to roaches to mice to termites. They ALWAYS provide prompt, professional, and effective treatment at a more than reasonable price! I strongly recommend them to homeowners, landlords, commercial properties owners, or anyone with a pest control issue. Their customer service is amazing….they do what they say, at the price they say, when they say it will be done. I am more than confident that anyone that hires Environ will be extremely pleased with them.
— Joe T.
Environ has helped my family for years by keeping ants, roaches, and mice out of my family’s property. We are very happy to recommend them because the quality of services they provide is exemplary and professional. You can’t go wrong turning to them for any of your pest elimination needs!
— Timothy R.
I used Environ to treat bed bugs in my home after trying a national company first. The first company used chemicals and I saw bed bugs within a week. Environ used heat and I haven’t seen bed bugs in over 2 weeks. I would highly recommend Environ! Hopefully I never have bed bugs again, but if I do I know who I’m calling first.
— Stephanie M.
I called Environ to give me an estimate for bed bugs in my mother’s house. She is elderly and got them from a visitor. I was worried after receiving the quote. I felt better after hearing they guarantee their work and I’m happy we haven’t had to use it. The bed bugs were gone and my mom was no longer being eaten while she slept at night or sat on her couch. I would highly recommend Environ. They are professional and they make sure you don’t have a bed bug problem by the time they leave.
— John O.